Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Madness

Just when I got the mess from breakfast cleaned up it was time for lunch! It's just one of those days when I can't seem to get it together. Nearly every Monday I have very crabby children. They are up late on Sundays due to getting home from church at 8 or 8:30 and still needing supper. And we've tried feeding them supper before church, but it has to be before church attire is put on due to spillage which would mean supper at 4ish. So by the time we get home from church they're hungry anyway. It isn't as if we can skip night church so I'm not sure how to handle this!!! Ella must be teething or something because my usually calm and smiley baby has been very unhappy all day. She's okay if I'm holding her and walking around for distraction, but that's kind of hard to do when I am trying to actually teach Peter and Kate something! I guess I have to remember that even if we have to do 2 lessons of math tomorrow to make up for today, I'm teaching them how to take care of a teething baby! Usually on Monday I get our sheets washed and put back on the bed before 9am and that's the beginning of getting several loads done. Well, it's almost 1 and my sheets are still in the dryer. I think I'll just give up on getting any other laundry done today- although Kate and Maddie did manage to fold one load of towels this morning. Yay- they are learning to be helpers, but their helping sure is a lot of work for me :) The girls were supposed to be taking turns washing up after lunch while I attempted to put Ella down for a nap and I caught them laughing and playing at the sink. How dare they have fun! No, really I was mad that they didn't listen to my instruction because 1. they completely soaked a towel and slopped water around but mostly because 2. we have a garbage disposal. So I very loudly explained that there is a thing in the sink for chopping up food garbage that could chop someone's hand off!!! Now they'll probably never wash their hands again! For those of you who are worried- the switch is under the sink and they can't get to it when the stool is in place for hand washing. Still, it's a good thing to be scared to put your hand down there! Now if I could just get Pete to stop rescuing, with his bare hand, the sippy cup valves that occasionally make their way down there. That always makes me nervous! I myself use tongs. Or vice grips (I think that's what it was called), whatever the job requires. Well, I'm going to go read to Peter and Kate while the crabby babies are napping. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Janet said...

Oh of THOSE days. Sigh. My thoughts (and SYMPATHIES!) are with you....:-)