Friday, January 18, 2008

this and that

Okay, I know I've been really bad about blogging- or not blogging lately. So here's a little bit of what's been happening:
  • I turned 31 last Sunday. On Friday, my sweet husband brought home a BEAUTIFUL chocolate and strawberry layer cake frosted in chocolate and covered with huge strawberries. He also got my favorite strawberry and cream cheese coffee cake. My parents came for the weekend, so Pete and I were able to go out for dinner while they watched the kids. We ate at Catch 35 in Chicago and had a delicious meal of Chilean Sea Bass and scallops. For dessert we had an unbelievable chocolate cake with a warm molten chocolate center and raspberry sauce. This food was the kind of delicious that makes you need to eat it with your eyes closed!
  • Lanie Kloosterman went home from the hospital this week. Praise God for her continual healing.
  • My mom was just here for a few days so I was able to get a lot done- took Kate to the dentist where she was very brave (we tried 6 months ago- didn't work!) and really earned the trip to Dairy Queen that we promised. I also took Maddie to get her picture taken- she's a ham in general, but terrified of that little room at JC Penney! I told the photographer to please just hurry and take some pictures before Maddie busted out balling (the lip was quivering right when we went in there). So I wouldn't say she's exactly smiling in the picture, but I guess she just wasn't very amused by Elmo falling off the photographer's head! We went to Fair Oaks Dairy and finally got to witness the birth of a calf! We had visited the birthing barn on previous trips to the dairy, but our timing was never quite right. We also enjoyed some wonderful ice cream and cheese and Peter learned some things about cows and milk. Thankfully (and surprisingly) he didn't have a bunch of questions about the cow birthing experience! While mom was here we also took a trip to the outlets in Michigan City, Indiana where I got some FABULOUS deals! Like pants for me for $4 and several items of clothing for Kate for next winter for between $1 and $5!
  • This morning I got a little blast from the past- I went outside to take out some trash and my just washed hair froze!! It reminded me of the days of waiting at the bus stop as a kid and having crunchy hair! No, I didn't use too much gel (not until 9th grade anyway, but that is another story)- the cold air made my hair freeze.
  • Kate asked Grandpa what the lines on his forehead are- his reply? "Wisdom."
  • We got a new dining room table and chairs!!! So exciting that we no longer have Peter sitting on a folding chair and we can have company now without sitting on eachother's laps! It is cherry and black and is a wonderful place to gather with our olive branches!
  • Peter started piano lessons
  • Kate wouldn't go to storytime at the library! I tried to leave her and she SCREAMED!We've been going to activities there forever, but this was the first time she was to go in without her big brother. I didn't realize how much confidence his presence gives her! We'll try again next week.

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Janet said...

I loved that reply...."wisdom". Oh, so true!

Happy 31st!