Saturday, February 9, 2008

Exploration Station

Yesterday we met some friends at a "museum" called Exploration Station. It's really more of an interactive play center. Everything is hands on, there are lots of costumes- the kids got to pretend to be everything from a dentist to a pilot to a shopper in a grocery store. It was a wonderful place to go to have some relief from cabin fever! Then we went to McDonald's for lunch. It always makes me laugh that the cleaning hands, getting situated at the table before the meal and then the potty visit/diaper changing after the meal takes longer than the actual meal! We don't usually buy happy meals, but this was a special day so I surprised them by saying yes when they asked if they could. As usual, the dumb, cheap toy entertained them for the afternoon as I took advantage of the fact that we were already out and dragged them to a few stores. Then they played with those silly things for the whole hour ride home and then again all morning today. I think next year for Christmas we should just get them all a happy meal toy!

My fabulous finds were Converse for Peter and Kate. I love those shoes, but since I'm old and have back and knee issues I can't really wear them anymore. I was thrilled to find pinkish red ones for Kate for $12 and camo ones for Peter for $5!!! And they are the real thing! I also got Kate a black velour skirt for next winter for $2. Love it when I go to Marshall's and find great deals!

Now we're just enjoying a Saturday morning at home. Getting laundry done and a little cleaning. Pete is off to do the grocery shopping for the next two weeks with Peter. Yes, my husband does most of the grocery shopping! It was hard for me to give up the control in that area, but he's gotten really good at it and calls me if he's not sure about something. We've just found that for this phase of our lives it works better for him to do it. It takes some muscle to get two weeks worth of groceries and diapers and he definitely has more of that than I do! So I'm thankful that he is so willing to take on the huge task of Walmart and Sam's on a Saturday!!

They spent a very long time in this pretend airplane. My friend, Charity and I are thinking it would be great to have one of these at home!

As soon as Peter sat in the dentist chair a little boy, very eager to play dentist, laid the apron thing over Peter and grabbed a tool. I was laughing so hard because I knew Peter was wondering what just happened and I was wondering if the "dentist" was going to be sticking that thing right in Peter's mouth!

As soon as he had a chance to break free he threw that apron off!

As usual, Maddie was thrilled to have her picture taken.


Laurene said...

While we don't have the cool airplane seats - we do have a cool airplane simulation game that Peter can try to play sometime. LD plays it all the time & he loves it..
Maybe it is just time to come NOrth again and take some little people for an airplane ride.

Janet said...

I love the picture of Maddie crying. I can just see it at her wedding...."here's a picture of Maddie's another picture...and hey, what do ya's another one....!" :-)