Friday, February 29, 2008

Tropical Vacation

The Kalahari indoor waterpark resort in the Wisconsin Dells was our home away from home this past Monday through Wednesday. My parents met us there and the kids really enjoyed sharing this time with Grandpa and Grandma- and we really enjoyed their company and the help! We had a blast going on water slides, floating on the lazy river, eating, and sleeping. We definitely want to go back (we want to talk my sister and her husband into going next year) and we highly recommend the Kalahari to anyone in need of a REALLY fun getaway. We had a suite with a full kitchen so we prepared most of our own meals. The rooms were really nice- including a bathroom with a big shower (not the kind with a low ceiling that makes you feel like you're going to suffocate like a lot of hotels have) and seemingly very clean (one of my gripes about even some of the "nicer" hotels is they are often grungy). Another perk of homeschooling is that we were able to do this during the week when the resort was not very busy and the room rates were reduced significantly! Now it's back to real life- and winter! For a few days I got to forget about how cold it is outside.

Once she got used to the slides, Maddie couldn't get enough!

In spite of the fact that Kate has, in the last couple of months, developed a fear of the bath tub, she had no fear of the water at the park (a bit scary for mama)!

Peter loved all the slides and the wave pool, but spent a lot of time shivering and begging to go back to the hot tub, his favorite place.

Daddy relaxing with the babies

Grandpa imitating Ella's adorable nose scrunch

Yes, she ate the whole chocolate dipped cone of blue moon ice cream- she's a girl after her mama's heart!

And here's proof that my mom and I actually did go on this trip

Thursday I got going on the laundry bright and early. I got 3 loads done (if I atleast do 3 loads a day it remains a tolerable task although with this system I am never "caught up." Of course, even if you do get "caught up" with a big family you've got a basket full after everyone gets in their pj's!) and it sat for the rest of the day. Then my wonderful little workers sat and folded laundry and listened to Jonathan Park after the babies went to bed. It was a great time of working together while enjoying the exciting adventures of this Creation audio drama by Vision Forum.


Janet said...

That looks like SOOOOO much fun! The perfect vacation. No tents. No mosquitos, no sleeping on hard ground. Can you tell that I love camping?

Crystal said...

Hello, I just saw your post on "storing up treasures in heaven" We were jusy at the Dells. Fun, Fun, Fun : )God Bless!