Monday, February 4, 2008

The work of the day and some other pictures

Today Peter and Kate have been busy making instruments out of paper and then pretending to buy them in a store. No, those aren't shovels! They are guitars.

Here are some pictures of Saturday-

Maddie decided to sit in the baby doll swing- and got just a little stuck. Daddy to the rescue, but mommy to the camera!

Peter spent a couple of hours out in the snow. Poor mr snowman has since lost his head.

Kate played outside for awhile, but when she was done with her "snack", she came inside. Don't worry- I told her to eat the "clean" snow!

Ella practiced her vacuuming.


Janet said...

My kids like the yellow snow the best....LOL!

I love the "caught in teh swing" pic. Typical....:-)

Racine said...

I remember you telling me the perils of the yellow snow...

Rachel Marie said...

I'm glad I actually taught my little sister something when we were growing up!