Saturday, March 15, 2008

a little spring in my step and family night

There is hope that winter may actually be over soon! We have enjoyed a few days of balmy weather- around 50-55 degrees!!! So we have been going on walks, playing in the yard, and we went to our favorite little park. I forgot how great it is to send the kids out to play! Yesterday they played in their sand box as if it was a brand new thing. And the sand was kind of wet which made for great sand castles!

Last night was family night. That's something we decided to start doing once a month so that we don't miss out on just playing with the kids. If you want to be technical, most nights are family night as we spend time eating dinner, having devotions, and reading bedtime stories. But this once a month thing is a time to do things that we tend to not make time for otherwise. So we have a supper that the kids will really enjoy (something they can help make, or take out). Last night we ordered pizza. Then we do something together like play board games, we might go mini golfing or to a movie sometime. It's kind of like a family date night, I guess. It's so fun to see how excited they get! Pete walks in the door and they all shout "family night!!!" Last night after our pizza and brownies we played hide and seek. If you've never played this game with young children, you should- it is hilarious! For the first round Peter was the seeker and my hiding spot in my closet was too good. He just couldn't find me. I think I was in there for 15 minutes and he kept coming in the room and talking and I was trying not to bust out laughing. Finally, with some sound cues and some sister and daddy help, he found me and all the kids were just roaring with laughter. When Kate was the seeker Maddie and I were hiding in the bathtub and we heard her crying so we had to peek so she could easily find us. Kate was a little nervous when the house was so quiet and she couldn't find anybody. Pete got himself sort of stuck in one of his hiding spots! It took so long for us to find him and he was wedged in a corner trying to hide behind the ironing board so I had to help pull him out. Then when Maddie was the seeker Pete helped her and he asked her silly questions like, "is anybody in one of my drawers?" or "is anyone in the cabinet." Over and over I heard her say, "nope." She was actually leaning on me in my hiding spot and didn't realize it so I peeked out at her and I think she probably wet her pants, she was laughing so hard. I look forward to much laughter and fun during family night for years to come!


Janet said...

Oh, that sounds fun! A few of my kids ALWAYS hide in the bathtub. I just CAN'T resist yelling and scaring them when they look in at me. I just can't. ....Makes me smile just to think about it.

brookebrownell said...

I love your sanbox- very nice and huge!