Tuesday, March 18, 2008

one baby

That's what we're having. Yesterday I went to the doctor and she gave me the satisfaction of having a quick little ultrasound to just check. I don't know why I had this preoccupation in my mind that we could be having twins, but I'm glad to just know. It would have been crazy and busy, but of course exciting and wonderful to have 2 babies, but Pete is honestly relieved. Now the idea of the very likely possibility of another girl is setting in. I am convinced it's a girl. I thought Ella was a boy and was shocked when I found out during my ultrasound that we were having another daughter. Now I'm pretty sure that we could have 10 more and they'd all be girls. It's so nice that we had a boy first to protect all these little women :) Peter will probably be upset when we tell him, yet again, that he's going to have another sister. He cried when we told him about Ella, but he did get over it pretty quickly. Time will tell- in two months we'll be having the big ultrasound and hopefully this baby will cooperate and show us it's stuff!


Racine said...

Okay, it's deffinitely my turn for an ultrasound now...:-P

Are you going to tell us the sex right away if you're able to find out?

Janet said...

I was SURE that Isabelle was a boy. Absolutely positive. I guess God has his own plans. :-)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh my ! I love your third and fourth olive ! Your kids are so cute . I found you from Brooke's Woodybaby farm blog . Just popped over to say Hello ! Happy Easter

Laurie said...

We're dying to know what gender our baby is too. LD really wants a boy. We'll really be happy no matter what God blesses us with...but LD's mom is (and has been) buying boy clothes since before we got married. The other day she told me we can always dress a girl in those clothes too...to which I thought NO WAY. I got mistaken for a boy way too many times in my life to ever do that to a little girl.

Wouldn't it be fun if we both had boys? :)