Monday, April 21, 2008

Going Green

While I do like the idea of taking care of this world God has created through things like recycling, I have to admit I am not the best at "being green." But there's a different kind of green I'd like to work harder at developing.

Yesterday our pastor preached on Psalm 1. I've always loved singing number one, "That Man is Blest," in the Psalter Hymnal and so the words of Psalm 1 are very familiar. My love for that hymn probably comes from it being one of the first I memorized as a child. Also the imagery is beautiful- a strong, fruitful tree planted by a life giving stream. I'm sure I've heard many sermons on Psalm 1 over the years, but God's ancient, holy Word continues to be new to my heart. Yesterday I was encouraged and convicted of the need to drink of that life giving stream for that is the way the believer, like a tree, is nourished and can bear fruit and have green leaves. The Word of God is the stream to water my parched roots, my withered leaves. Without this clean, pure source of refreshment I will dry up and die. I know that Satan works hard to keep God's people out of the Word. I know that I am easily distracted and "too busy" to meditate and abide in God's Word. It is hard work to sit and read and think and not be distracted by the noise and work of life. But what is life without His Word? I must keep on working at committing time to the study of my precious Bible. For me that means getting up early so that I can have true "quiet" time. It's not easy, but I know that I am blessed and refreshed and filled for the day when I do this.

Lord, help us to not be satisfied by the stagnant, murky waters of this world. Let us not live too close to the wicked who will be driven away by the wind. Help us to be rooted firmly in Your Word, drinking of it daily, being satisfied by it.


Sarah said...

Beautifully put! His word really is the river of life for us...thanks for the reminder of how much I need it...I'm feeling a little parched...I'm gonna go read :)

Knitting Mania said...

Rachel's been awhile since I last glad I did, I enjoyed your take on "Going Green" this evening.

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