Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday I took the kids on a clearance dishes buying adventure- they were thrilled. Okay, not really. But we are all very excited about our new dishes. We were down to 9 plates (4 from our original set and 5 plain white) which makes it very tricky for a family of 6 to have company without using paper plates.

Now if I had my way I'd have some really cool pottery type dishes. But lets be realistic here. I have small children. I am trying to train these small children to load and unload the dishwasher. So I chose Corelle. I always thought of Corelle as being the church kitchen dishes- slightly cheesy. But practicality wins again- am I getting old or what? They are very durable. They are thin so they stack SO nicely and I can fit tons of them in the dishwasher! Now here's the good part- the pattern that I chose, "Saffi" was just discontinued last week so they were HALF off!! That's why yesterday I had to drag all four of my kids to the outlet mall an hour away to get these dishes before they disappeared from the store. I now have enough dishes to serve 20 people from matching plates! One of the ladies in the store told me that in 17 years she has only broken 2 dishes!! So I'm sure these dishes will outlive my love for them.

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Sarah said...

YAY for a deal!!! It just makes it so much more fun. Now you're gonna have to have a big dinner party :)