Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just Wondering

I'm all about good discussion at the dinner table. But why is it that kids think they need to give you a running commentary of how they accomplished eating their food? For example, Kate just let me know the process of how she ate half of her piece of pizza so far. It went something like, "First I took a bite off this corner. Then I ate this part of the crust. Then I scraped some of the cheese off my plate." It would have continued, but I told her to be quiet and eat. I don't know if your kids are like this, but mine talk CONSTANTLY! How is it that these little people who haven't even lived very long yet have so much to say? They make me laugh, but they also drive me crazy sometimes when I am working so hard to have a complete thought and I just can't!

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Sarah said...

"make me laugh and dive me crazy" what motherhood is all about :)

Happy Mother's Day!