Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rainy Day

It's actually a good thing it's raining today! All our time at the park and in the yard has made for the blondies getting blonder and cute sunkissed noses, but laundry and school work have been in the background of life. So today we're having fun doing two math lessons each and a couple extra phonics pages. Lest any of you think I'm a slacker, we have done our reading aloud this week as well as our usual Tuesday am trip to the library. I've been busy planning our "fall" school schedule and deciding how much we're going to do this summer. I plan to start Peter in first grade and Kate in kindergarten at the end of July. However, some of the things Peter does I'll do with Kate too. I'm having a hard time deciding how much to do together and how much to wait and do with Kate when she's in "first grade." We're going to continue with the 4 days a week plan and then take a little break when the baby is born. For the summer I plan to do some school work 2 days a week- reviewing Peter's math lessons, working on handwriting, lots of reading aloud, crafts, etc. So we'll have plenty of time to enjoy the summer without losing the discipline of sitting and doing school work.

I am so excited that in less than a week I will have my ultrasound and we will hopefully find out if this baby is a BOY or a GIRL!! I am so ready to really start trying to figure out what we're going to name this child! And where we're going to put it. And if we're going to be trying to sell our house next year. We can't really fit 4 girls in a 10 X 12 room. I mean, I guess we could if we make them double up in twin beds or if we got bunk cribs, but that is definitely not my vision!

The basement continues to be a work in progress challenging my sanity. Pete built a toy closet so once we get it painted and put shelves in I can move all the toys out of what will be the guest bedroom down there and have organized toys! We have the paint for the closet and the rest of the basement, but we have not found the time yet to do this job that neither one of us really loves. Then we have to put in the wall of cabinets and bookshelves and I will have an organized school room- CAN'T WAIT!! Supposedly the next project will have something to do with the yard- landscaping, fence, swing set? We'll see what we decide is the priority. I say the Vander Wall school NEEDS a play ground, but Pete's got trees and a level yard on his mind. Then when the weather turns colder we hope to finally turn the unfinished junk room/office into a finished 4th bedroom and also put a bathroom in the basement. Or maybe we'll just be moving. You just never know!

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Sarah said...

Why does reading your blog make me think I want another baby!?!

I don't usually think that!!!!

I may have to stop reading... :)