Saturday, December 20, 2008

what we've been up to this month

On the 7th, Peter celebrated his golden birthday. It's hard for me to believe that my first born is 7 already! We had a party at Pete's parents for all 5 of the December birthdays including Peter's cousins, Clayton and Curtis as well as Pete and his sister, Darlene.

Here's Pete helping Peter construct some really cool wood car models that Peter got from Uncle Larry and Auntie Laurie. He figured out most of it by himself- just needed a little help.

I loved the look on Peter's face when he was trying to guess the destination for his birthday surprise. Pete took the day off and we dropped Kate, Maddie, and Ella off at Nana's for the day. We headed up to Schaumburg where Pete took Peter to Legoland. I got to spend a few hours at Ikea with Charlotte.

We finally got our tree up last Saturday

Then we headed to Benton Harbor which is about halfway between us and my parents. Usually we have pizza with them to celebrate Pete's and Peter's birthdays, but this year Peter asked for Mexican. After supper he proceeded to spit, rather than blow his candles out. Not sure what he was thinking there.

For Pete's birthday I planned a night out in Chicago. We had dinner at a fabulous restaurant, Frontera Grill in Chicago. Then we went to see Blue Man Group.

On Pete's actual birthday, the kids and I headed to his office with lunch and a cake.

Now we're dealing with this. I think this is the worst cold we've ever had at our house. Kate's asthma has gotten really bad and now Charlotte is sick too.

And this

Doing lots of this

And trying to sneak in some rest

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Anonymous said...

Aww. the sick photos made me laugh. I am sure it was awful though.