Friday, February 27, 2009

who stole the cookie?

Right before Charlotte was 4 months old I tried starting her on rice cereal. Following all of her siblings, she had stopped sleeping through the night at that point so I figured she was hungry. Well, I kept "practicing" with her for about two weeks before I decided that she just wasn't ready. She wasn't catching on at all and had no interest in keeping it in her mouth at all. I know it usually takes awhile, but never that long so I quit. I've just been waiting for her to be closer to 6 months and show me that she's ready. Well, the other night as Pete held her, she showed us that she is ready!
she kept grabbing at the cookie so he let her hold it to see what she'd do
she brought it right to her mouth. and NO we didn't let her try it. we don't do that! if you know me then you already know that :)
so the next day I started her on cereal and she's actually swallowing it now- well, some of it!
she really just wants to do it herself

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Racine said...

Yay Charlotte! She is getting so big...I need to hold her again!!