Tuesday, March 31, 2009

so long Zeus

In the morning I will have the sad task of letting my kids know that Zeus is gone. We forgot to feed the fish this morning and soon after we came home from a long day away I noticed that Zeus was sinking!! Pete stuck my pen in the bowl and tapped him and he perked up for a second, but he just didn't have the will to survive. The kids were waiting for their bedtime story and I didn't want to break the news right before bed so they will be finding out in the morning. I'm sure Pete will rush out of here before they wake up so that I'll get to be the bearer of bad news. Hopefully Ariel, the smaller of the two fish, will hang on a little longer.
The first couple of days we had them they really weren't eating at all. After about 3 days they started eating, but Zeus never seemed to have a very big appetite. Any advice you all can give me on goldfish would be great. I feel like kind of a loser for not being able to keep a fish alive for a whole week- grrr.


shannon, mom, wife, blogger said...

my only advice is to buy another one - what's the chance that they actually notice? :)
ok ok, so this may not be the BEST idea...but if avoidance is what you're after, it's the way to go!!! :)

Michelle said...

oh no! I don't know what it is about fish but they just don't seem to live very long.

We had to "fish sit" for my nephew one year while he was on vacation, when he came home two of his fish were dead. ugh!

Racine said...

Don't feel too bad...that's just the nature of the beast, and a great opportunity for a life lesson for the kids...? :-) I bought a beta when I lived at Oma's and it got so cold at night that it froze to death while I slept. Fish are not very resilient.

Darlene said...

Be sure to watch the temperature of your water....I cooked a half a dozen here in the tank, before these last 5 fish. They've been around since September now. We learned to turn the light off on the tank most of the time (if you have a light) and just to keep them cooler than we thought.
Good Luck!

Janet said...

Oh oh. That's too bad. It's better than what I did, though. I actually put a dead newt on my niece's hand, not knowing it was dead. Who KNOWS how long it had been dead. Oops.