Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Blogger

I know, I've really kind of let the blog go. Facebook is just such a quick and easy way to stay in touch with people that I guess I've kind of gotten lazy.

About 30 minutes after my last post Pete started humming the funeral march- poor little goldfish Ariel just couldn't live without Zeus and wanted to join him. So I flushed her and cleaned out the bowl. In the morning I told the kids the sad news and they were hardly bothered by it- should that worry me? Well, I guess since Zeus and Ariel were in our lives less than a week they hadn't formed a very strong attachment yet. The following Saturday we went to the same store where we bought the goldfish and brought home a Betta that the kids named Poseidon. Poor little Poseidon doesn't seem to be very vibrant. For several days he didn't eat at all and now when he eats he spits quite a bit of his food back out. He's getting more active though rather than just hanging out in one little corner of the bowl like he did for awhile there. Okay, enough about the fish.

Saturday we celebrated Ella's second birthday. We started the day with a yummy breakfast of bird's nests made by Pete- that's when you cut a whole out of a piece of bread, dip the bread in french toast mixture, then cook it with a cracked egg in the center. Pete played outside with the kids while Charlotte napped and then we ran some errands. Back home we had grilled burgers, fruit salad (Ella LOVES fruit) and chips and dreamed of weather warm enough to eat outside. Then we had cake and gave Ella her presents. It's hard to believe that she is 2 and I just want to remember forever her sweetness right now. So here are a few things I adore about 2 year old Isabella Marie:

-she is a great hugger! she's very affectionate and just squeezes when she hugs

-she loves to say "my do it." she doesn't ever use the word "I," it's all my this and my that. my drop it, my eat it, etc- so cute!

-she will not leave hair pretties in her hair so she always has her fluffy, curly hair hanging in her face

-she has an adorable belly giggle

-she sucks her "fumb"

she loves to "play cooking" with the little kitchen and toy food.

-Cedermont kids dvd's keep her entertained while I make dinner- she love to sing "happy and know"

-she still takes two naps everyday

-she loves books and always has to take a few into her crib with her along with her beloved pink "ganket"

-she loves all kinds of fruit and bread, but isn't big on meat or veggies.

-she still has the sweetest cheeks for kissing- big and soft!

-she sits quietly in church -for the most part. the "fumb" comes in handy for that.

-it's hard to find shoes for her chubby feet so I tend to have to spend more $ on her shoes

-she has been cracking me up lately with her bursting vocabulary and the sudden putting together of sentences

I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing her with health and with such a sweet and happy spirit.


brookebrownell said...

quite a cake! and you have the right number candle on it... better that i can do!

Knitting Mania said...

Well I hear ya about fb. I'm on it constantly too! I find myself on my blog less and less. But I still love all my bloggy buddies, I could never stop blogging.

Thanks for your visit yesterday. Well my friend, I don't think there's a darn thing you can do to get that yarn 'dye color' out of your clothes, unfortunatley. If the dress was white, you could bleach it, a thought. :/ Rats, don't ya just hate when that happens. It's happened to me too. Did you wash it in cold water or hot?

Take care Rachel Marie...happy blogging and facebooking!