Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a few pictures

Since we didn't get to go to the zoo today and Pete was off work anyway, I took Kate to a pottery painting workshop. She chose a sun to paint. It is always interesting to me to see the "creative genius" of a child- I just wonder how and why they choose the colors and patterns that they do!

Yesterday I took the kids to the YMCA where we enjoy spending time shooting hoops. Well, Peter and I shoot- the girls run around and whine about how basketball is no fun and they're no good at dribbling. Peter is just happy as a clam when he's got a basketball in his hands and I know it's a good outlet for this stuck with girls all the time little boy! I try to get the girls moving too by playing follow the leader and having races. It's a fun time- even for Charlotte as she watches the craziness from her stroller.

Warmer weather meanst a lot of time outside for us. This week we ate lots of meals outside, went for walks, and played in the yard. Charlotte was happy to watch it all from a blanket on the grass. As you can see from these pictures she gets excited when I get the camera out and gives me great smiles.

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Janet said...

Tee hee. The girls run around and whine about how basketball isn't fun. LOL! I could just see that happening in my family!