Wednesday, May 6, 2009

it was supposed to be a zoo day

A couple of weeks ago Pete and I made plans for him to take the day off work today so that we could go to the zoo with the kids. We had wanted to go late last summer, but never made it because time got away from us and then Charlotte came early. So we were REALLY looking forward to this day. Ella is at a great age to be entertained by seeing all the animals and I'm sure even Charlotte would enjoy it. We had kept it a secret from the kids and told them after we were all in the truck. However, it just was not to be! A few minutes after we left, Ella puked a little. We really figured it was because we had made her finish her breakfast and she had too much to drink. Still a little puke is still puke, so we ran home, gave her a fast shower, grabbed one of the carseats out of Pete's car and went on our way. After about 30 minutes in the truck she threw up again. We had brought a bowl along just in case and apparently she didn't want to puke in the bowl because she turned her head AWAY from it and puked down her side. We were out in the country so we just stopped and tried to atleast wipe up part of it before heading home. Peter had to hop in the way back and sit squashed bewteen Kate and Maddie while I sat in the middle row and reached over Charlotte to hold the bowl in front of Ella. The ride home was long and bumpy and I was trying to hold the bowl steady without being overcome by the not so sweet aroma of partially digested orange juice, strawberries and nutri-grain bar. Once we got home we started the whole wonderful cleaning the carseats procedure and gave Ella another shower. Then she took a little nap. We're just hoping this doesn't spread through the family! On the bright side, since we're home Pete was able to mow the hay field that we've been calling a yard.

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Michelle said...

I can definitely sympathize with the whole puke in the carseat thing...

hope you make it to the zoo soon. we decided to go ahead and get the year pass to the Columbia zoo. now I've got to go a lot to make it worth it!