Wednesday, July 15, 2009

22 kids and counting

Today I had the joy of having brunch with a group of 5 women I've been getting together with every other month for the past seven years. We used to have brunch at someone's house, but the growth of our families has made it almost impossible to gather at anyone's house anymore so we usually have a girls night out. Well, Charity has a large fenced in yard and a lot of fun things for the kids so today brunch was at her house. We had 3 babysitters manning the playset, the trampoline, and the chalk/bubbles/snacks. We just had to take a picture of all of our children. As I looked at the crowd of squinting, sweaty faces I was overwhelmed with how blessed our 6 families are!


mary said...

How in the world did you get the majority of the kids looking at the camera? Amazingly great picture, considering the number of small children involved!!!

Rachel Marie said...

well, it took lots of dancing around and shouting- and it just figures that my oldest who was the second oldest there and KNOWS better was pretending to sleep!!!

Anita said...

That would've been so much fun with all the kids. And boys...Abnormal is their normal.