Tuesday, July 21, 2009

aging in a week

I feel like in the past week Peter and Kate have aged a couple of years.

Kate was born with quite a bit of hair and it got long and thick very fast. She had pigtails before her first birthday. So it was quite a big deal to her daddy that I gave her a big haircut! I asked him if I could because all that hair was just so much work and very difficult to wash. I wanted to start to teach her how to wash her own hair and figured she could do a better job if we cut it. I love the results, but it does make her look older!!

I took Peter and Kate to the eye doctor thinking Kate needed glasses. Turned out that Peter was actually the one that needs them! It's taken a little getting used to for him, but I think he looks great! Here he is playing a drum at the Field Museum in Chicago yesterday. It's not the best picture, but he doesn't pose very easily!

Yesterday we had a great family day in Chicago. We went to the Shedd Aquarium and enjoyed the newly rennovated oceanarium. We ate lunch outside on the terrace overlooking Lake Michigan. Then we went for a walk along the lake. We also took the kids to the Field Museum to play in the Crown Family Play Lab. Then we went to Connie's for some of our favorite pizza. It was a gorgeous day- sunny, breezy and not too hot.

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