Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

At our house we take off running on Monday. We leave by 7:45 am to make the 45 minute drive to Classical Conversations where I am a tutor for this exciting "Classical Christian Community of Homeschoolers." That really means we have to be out the door at 7:30 because it takes that long to do jackets, shoes, and make sure everything is in the van. I guess this is how it would be if we were leaving for school everyday like many of you do- and how DO you do it?? No matter how I pack and prepare ahead of time, we always have the last minute frantic rush to get the kids to choke down the rest of their cereal- and don't forget to brush- and it really doesn't look like you brushed, try again- and is it HOT in here?- and why don't you have socks on yet- and WHERE are my KEYS??- and WHY did you take your socks off- and finally, we're off.

(Wait! Did I say "van" and not "truck?" Why, yes I did. We did it- we took the plunge and bought a 15 passenger van. Yes, it's a beast, but I love the roominess of it. I'm still getting used to driving it and it has a very different feel than Babe, my beloved and faithful Suburban. Still, I think it's a keeper. Now we'll be ready when we come home with our children from Ethiopia.)

The mornings are busy, but fly by. Then we rush home to eat lunch so the 3 youngest can have a nap. Today I packed lunches so when they got home all they had to do is grab their bag and sit down on the floor. Yes, the floor- they wanted to have a picnic and how could I resist such a cute idea?

After lunch it was naps for 3, rest for 2 and I cleaned the dust bunny colony out of my room. Now I'm just having a quick cup of tea while 3 play outside before I get the 2 youngest up from their naps.

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shannon, mom, wife, blogger said...

i love this post - your comments about getting out the door in the morning had me laughing!
it's like you have seen the madness in my own home on early mornings!
can't wait to hear more updates on ethiopia!!
:) shannon