Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shoe Love

I have had my eye on these shoes for several months now. If I happened to be at the mall I would wander into Carsons just to look at them for a minute. Well, tonight Pete and I went to the mall to do some returns and on the way out I steered us towards the shoes. I told him not to worry because I hadn't even tried them on yet. Then he said, "just try them on." He will probably never say that again! You see, I had decided these shoes, beautiful as they were, cost more then I was willing to spend. So all the times I was stopping in to gaze upon them I was hoping to see a red sale sticker. It wasn't to be. No red sale sticker. Still, I tried them on and got a little giddy! And we were told they were the only one in my size!!! So my wonderful, sweet husband bought them for me. And he did something he doesn't believe in- opened a store credit card- to get a 20% discount. Then the nice girl working there gave us a coupon for $10 off. So they were more in the range of what I'd see as okay to spend on a pair of shoes- as long as they are purple and you REALLY love them!

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