Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silly Baby

I was just wondering yesterday how long I'll be able to get away with calling her my baby. For awhile, I think. Charlotte, being the youngest of five is so much more babyish than Peter was at this age. I'm okay with that though! She is a sweet, silly little thing and I just love having her as my big giant adorable baby. She does these cute and smart things that I am surprised by for a moment- until I remember, oh, yeah. She should be doing that- she IS 17 months after all! Stop it! Just stop growing up so fast! Some of her favorite things to do right now are unfolding the laundry and unsetting the table. She is also learning how to sit still for longer periods of time and actually listen to a story. She is very loving and always willing to give big slimy kisses to her brother and sisters. She jabbers a lot, but doesn't say more than a handful of words. But she can point to all sorts of thigs if you tell her to and follow commands like "put that back," "close the cabinet" etc. It's almost funny how much she gets away with though because she sort of "plays dumb" :)
wiping her nose on a little baby doll blanket. lovely. this is why we keep the kitchen towels out of reach :)

setting up the baby dolls meal

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