Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adoption Update

On Friday, August 6 our dossier flew to Ethiopia. It is a huge relief to have that collection of official documents and letters done and in the hands of the right people! And now we wait. At this point in the process we are waiting for a referral- that's what's it is called when our agency matches us with a child/children. Our agency is saying that it is taking aproximately 4-8 months to receive a referral of a child over the age of 2. Once we receive and accept a referral, we will be waiting for a court date. As we have told many of you, Ethiopia now requires adoptive parents to appear at court. And so we expect that 1-3 months after accepting our referral we will be traveling to Ethiopia. On that trip we will get to meet and visit with our child. Then we will go home and wait another 1-3 months to be assigned an embassy date. When we travel the second time we will bring our child home with us.
We are thankful for your prayers and are so excited to be making progress! Please continue to pray for our family. We know that the Lord already has a child for us and we can't wait to meet him or her! Specifically you can pray
-for our hearts and home to be ready to add another child
-for wisdom in meeting the needs of a child whose background we will not completely know
-for upcoming travel to go smoothly (you all know about my flying anxiety)- including our children to be safe and happy while we're apart
-and for peace and patience while we wait

We're so grateful for all the kind words of encouragement and interest we've received in the last several months and we look forward to updating you with some good news of a referral in the coming months!


Daarkstar said...

The President of Trinity, Dr. Timmermans, just got back from his court date (also in Ethiopia) and in a couple months will go back and pick up their 2 boys (brothers somwhere between 10 and 16 I think). Take heart and know that you are not alone, we are praying for you guys and look forward to meeting your new little (or whatever) one. I honestly couldn't think of a better family for this child to enter. May God bless you and this child wherever and whoever he/she may be!

The Edgren Family said...

That's so exciting, Rach! Will be praying for your requests.