Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Discoveries of the Day (or month)

* I just LOVE Trader Joe's Cranberry Maple Nut Granola. Sweet and crunch yumminess- and good for me too.

* I can see what books we have out of the library AND renew them online- how did I not realize that sooner?!

* I'll be using the time change as my excuse for not getting out of bed on time for awhile.

* I really need to just move my alarm clock far enough away from the bed that I have to actually get up to turn it off

*That may not even work anymore because this morning I actually sat all the way up at 6 and then convinced myself to go back to sleep until 7 when the kids start getting up.

* My kids may not ever be healthy enough to get their flu shots this year- ironic, huh?

* I LOVE being free of Facebook!

* I cringe when my kids pick their noses.

*I am an obsessive knitter- better not start a project because everything else will fall apart while I am parked on the couch!

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!