Thursday, November 11, 2010


When things don't flow neatly, I get antsy. When waiting for something to happen (our adoption to MOVE, the girls new bunk beds to be done, all the kids moved into freshly painted, organized rooms)I get restless. When it's 70 degrees in the Midwest in the middle of November, I get crabby. Why? I love fall. But where is it? Where are the crisp days? So, I'm antsy and crabby. Great. How to solve it? Not sure. I think adding to the restless and annoyed feeling is that my children are still coughing. And why is it that when one of them coughs, others feel like they have to chime in with their phlegmy noise too. And then someone has to sharpen their pencil. This all in the midst of me reading something in an attempt to educate them. How can I educate when it's so noisy? Then there's the major stress Pete has had recently at work. Thankfully, that's over. For now. On the way to work yesterday, anticipating a rough meeting, Pete got in a car accident. Praise the Lord, it was not his fault and he's fine, but there were some more serious injuries. Last night he took a muscle relaxant to calm his very sore body. And then he was out for the count. So I lost myself in the CMA's and knitting. Yarn has a way of uncoiling my stress. So for now, while I'm antsy and crabby I think I'll try to take it out on some yarn. Turn balls of wool and cotton into beautiful and useful things. As long as these things are not too complicated and require quiet for me to pay attention, I should be okay. Have I mentioned it's not very quiet at our house?

Just for fun here's a picture of 3 of the reasons it's not very quiet-

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brookebrownell said...

not quiet but oh-so-cute!