Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm pretty sure I have written posts in the past with the same title. A title that probably speaks for itself. Monday is recovery day here. It is brutal and usually not made up of happy children and a productive mama. Rather, it is a day to scoop up the mess from the weekend. I used to do a ton of laundry on Monday. That has changed due to the fact that I am needed for other things. I try to atleast get my sheets washed and maybe a load of towels done and that is it. We spend the day easing into school work. Easing because a certain daughter of mine is very tired and unmotivated on Monday. And easing because I am needed by the 3 littles to just hold them and be available. Why does it have to be this way? It's like we get a good routine going for the week and then, CRASH, the weekend happens and everyone gets out of whack. Just when we pull ourselves back together it's the weekend and we do it all again. Well, Charlotte is wailing for no apparent reason so I best go tend to my baby.

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dkt said...

yup...I can relate...except for us it is Tuesday, since Eric takes Mondays, not saturdays off. I see it, though, as not a break in the schedule, but it's own part of the weekly schedule....Tuesday: mess day. :)