Thursday, December 2, 2010

What are you waiting for

Here are a few things I'm waiting for at the moment in random order (rather than ordering by importance)

-Kate to finish eating

-Peter to finish his math

-Various packages to arrive (Christmas gifts for relatives, school supplies, books)

-An update about our handsome boy far away (it's been 2 months so we are due for one)

-A court date to adopt our handsome boy far away

-Maddie and Ella to pick up the Little People

-the Peppermint Jo-Jo's to be gone so I'm not tempted to eat them anymore

-nap/rest time to come so I can sit for a few minutes and drink a cup of tea

-my dear friend Brooke to have her 7th baby

-the washing machine to finish so I can start load number 478 for the week

-this crazy work week to be done so that I can see my husband again (good thing for email so we can stay slightly connected!)

What are you waiting for right now??

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