Friday, December 3, 2010

Life's Messy- Laugh or You'll Cry

this is what i saw after i told the children to all find socks to wear so we could go-

this is what i came upon after telling the children to go get their hats and mittens on-

ella wanted me to take a picture of her, the self proclaime, "cleanest eater" well, if you compare her to her baby sister, then yes.

monster baby after enjoying a favorite winter day lunch of tomato soup and hot chocolate. they earned their hot chocolate by playing outside (charlotte lasted about 5 minutes and ella braved the cold for 10)

this isn't so much a mess, but the floor after they came in was another story. i told pete that i think it is so funny that if i tell them to go play outside when it's 50 degrees they'll whine and say it's too cold. then we get barely a DUSTING of snow and the 3 oldest lasted nearly an hour outside in what was probably barely 30 degrees- atleast with the wind it was BITTER. they had so much fun though!

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