Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Little Girls

Yesterday as I sat at the table with you after the three big kids had all run off to play, I was struck with a thought that gave me chills- it won't be long and you'll be too busy to have lunch with me. Sometimes lunch seems like a circus. I sit down, you ask for more of something so I get it for you. I sit down again, you spill your drink so I get up and get a towel. I sit down, you drop part of your sandwich so I get up and get it. I sit down again, you decide you are done and want to be washed up right away. In that moment, I realized these days of jumping up and down out of my chair to serve you -and looking with longing at the sun dried tomato, turkey, swiss, and veggies wrap that I can't wait to take a bite of- are fleeting. One of these days soon I will call you on the phone to see if you can meet me for lunch that week and you'll have too much going on. I hope you'll find a way to fit me into your schedule. For now, I'll enjoy watching you as you eat your salami and peanut butter sandwich (Ella) and grin at me with your "picture smile" eyes closed silly face (Charlotte).


Daniel's Helpmeet said...

Don't dwell on the fact that they're growing up too fast...Soon you'll be able to have lunches with them and there will be no spills, just good conversation. For the most part that is how our lunches are now. They are a lot of fun when they are small, but I love my teenagers! The dynamics are so different. As parents we get to move from the role of training to working alongside and becoming friends. At that point you can step back and marvel in the young adult they have become and know that all the work and sacrifice was worth it.

brookebrownell said...