Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Goin' On...

...South Beach Diet Day 2 and I'm still alive.

...all 4 girls are sharing a room now that Pete got the bed built- I'll try to post pictures of it soon.

...Pete is working on painting the little girls old room for "the boys"

...someone had a math meltdown today and I'm still trying to decide on whether or not to switch from Saxon to Teaching Textbooks for 3rd grade on up

...I haven't knitted in about a week. That feels weird.

...I turned 34 last Thursday. That feels REALLY weird. I DO NOT feel 34!

...I am going to be meeting my 6th child in less than one month.

...Ella is eating again. But now Maddie is afraid of the dark. Hmmm...wonder what our next issue will be.

...I think I confused Charlotte one day by asking, "WHAT did you eat?!" when I changed a poopy. Now everytime I change her poop she shakes her head and says, "I not eat poop."

...Everytime I turn around Charlotte is in the bathroom "yoshing" her hands. Oh, great- maybe that will be our next "issue"

...What I wouldn't do for some sugar right about now. The withdrawal is a serious headache. You just don't realize how much sugar you eat on a regular basis until you cut it out- and I'm not just talking about sweets here, but bread, potatoes, crackers, tortillas. Ugh. Well it's time for my nightly "sugar free fudgesicle"

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brookebrownell said...

i can't wait to start teaching textbooks math next year!
love all the updates- especially the "poop"
get your heiny down here!