Monday, March 14, 2011

From where I am sitting....

...I hear the washing machine humming, Kate making funny noises with her mouth while she does her math, the timer ticking to challenge Kate to get done in a reasonable amount of time, Peter plunking away at the piano, thunder- or maybe that's 3 little giggling girls playing upstairs.

...I see my mess of school books, books to read, and my lesson plan book waiting to have things checked off for the day. Oh- And the sun- the GLORIOUS sun coming in the window.

...I feel excited and anxious to hear some news about our son soon! And I feel tired. Time change is always hard. Early to bed for all of us I think!

Well, enough sitting at this computer. The math timer is about to ring and I think I need a little outside time- maybe put a couple girls down for naps, get a couple of big kids settled in with some school work and then sneak out to the mailbox with a little dark chocolate. Sometimes getting the mail is like a mini vacation.

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