Thursday, March 17, 2011

We won't be doing that again for awhile

Normally by this date on the calendar I would have consumed several Shamrock shakes from McD's. However, due to my latest (successful) endeavors at eating better and losing some pounds I have not had the craving to consume the "treat" that inevitably gives me a bloated, achy tummy. The cool, minty enjoyment only lasts so long and then I'm left with the, "why did I do that?" feeling. Still, I figured that was no reason to not treat the kids. Not wanting to break the bank, I asked Pete if he'd grill burgers at home and then we'd all go get Shamrock shakes. So last night after supper we loaded the kids into the van and teased them that we were going to the "spinach farm" for dessert and asked them what kind of toppings they would like on their spinach. As we were getting out of the van at McDonald's, Ella asked, "do we have to share?" I just laughed because our kids never get their own pop or shake or blizzard- we always make them share so I told them that everyone was getting their own. Pete gave me a funny look at that point and I should have known better than to give my children who are not used to that much sugar all at once their own shake, but I didn't. Getting to the point- back home we rushed through the shower routine because it was past bedtime. Pete washes little girls and hands them off to me to pajama. As I took care of Charlotte, fresh out of the shower, she puked all over herself and her rug. Back to the shower she went, carried by a mama feeling quite guilty for letting a 2 year old consume so muchfat and sugar. Daddy cleaned the room while the girls all waited, shivering, to get to their drawers for pj's and undies. I took all the non-washable lovies and babies out of beds and moved all toys away from potentially being showered with puke should anyone on an upper bunk decide she couldn't contain her dinner. Thankfully, the puking was a one time event and everyone seems fine this morning. Needless to say, they will probably be sharing shakes for many years to come!

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Sue said...

I'm sorry, but I did laugh while reading this. Only because I have been there! My kids always share also. The really rare times I have let them have their own thing they act like it's christmas!
I have also had the displeasure of a child in the top bunk unloading in the middle of the night. Loads of snuggles and all forms of stuffed things being washed is not fun at 3 a.m.