Monday, April 18, 2011

It's 1:30 pm

Well, the lunch mess is cleaned up. The dishwasher is running- for the second time today. I have about 8 minutes before the kids play time is over and it's back to the books so here I am online. And what do I do online these days? Well, here's what I've been checking out-

*uses for coconut oil
*how to make injera
*how to make kinche
*what to make with the dry berbere (ethiopian spice) i bought last week
*classical conversations parent/tutor practicums and how to make it work to attend one this year
*some of your blogs

And now to Narnia, finish making beds with clean sheets, put kids down for naps/rest time, History with the big ones, and maybe, just maybe, the rain will hold off and we can get outside for a little while.

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