Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Sure Do Like Summer School

I am really enjoying our days lately. We are so much more relaxed with our schedule during the summer. Although we don't really stop "schooling," there's a way different feel around here- much less stress.

Peter and Kate have a few more math lessons before they are done with their books. When they are finished, I'll have them do fact practice until we start our new books in July.

We'll keep doing Story of the World all summer, but that's our favorite thing and we only do it 2 or 3 days a week.

We are going through this book each morning and loving it. I really want to have children who are globally minded and concerned about the gospel going out to the nations.

We are still reading our reformers book a couple of days a week.

Learning the basic info about each of the 50 states has been fun using A Beka's Nifty Fifty United States cards as well as reading library books about each state.

I started doing Song School Latin with the children mostly as a simple intro for the littles and a good review for Peter and Kate.

I'm still doing reading lessons with Maddie about 4 days a week, praying that it "clicks" and her reading takes off soon!

Most of our work is done in the morning which leaves time for hours of lego building, going to the park, bike rides, and playing in the yard.

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