Monday, August 15, 2011

On a Monday

Monday's are full of mayhem and whining. Every new week I think what can I do to simplify Sunday evening so we can enjoy our first work day of the week. I am so thankful for yesterday's sabbath rest, for a day of no work. How does the world do it, go and go for seven days and more? I need that one day off laundry, off busy activity. Just to worship, rest the body, be together as a family. Still, all that resting makes us a wreck on Monday. The house is a wreck from 8 people being home together all weekend. The kids are a wreck from all the sitting- in the van, in the pew, at the table, back in the van, back in the pew. Then we get home and urge them to eat their cereal super fast and get in bed! I don't know what I can do differently or if I'm just going to be dealing with crabbies until they're over the age of....what?
Right now I am taking a moment to enjoy that 2 are down for naps and 4 are outside savoring this coolish late summer day. I am quite enjoying the whipping cream- leftover from Sunday's dessert- in my coffee and quite sure that it's a good thing we don't keep that in the house! I'm enjoying having short hair again. Enjoying a clean spare room- and laughing as I remember the pediatrician's confusion when he asked how many bedrooms we have (he thinks we're crazy) and I said, "four, but we only use 3."

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Mandie M. said...

I love that last line :)! hehe