Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This and That

It's 7:30 am and half of my children are already playing outside. Some asked if we could start school yet to which I say no. We start at 9. I am busy filling up on coffee. I should really start the week's laundry. The goal would be to start wash Tuesday afternoon and have it all folded and put away by Wednesday afternoon so when CC starts on Thursdays, we atleast have the laundry under control.

This week I started reading Amos Fortune, Free Man by Elizabeth Yates to my two oldest. We have been learning in history about the African slave trade. It's too easy to not acknowledge this horrifying part of our nation's history. To not recognize what really happened. It's hard to even begin to try to understand how there were so many Christians who had a skewed idea of owning a person and treating them as no better than a caged animal! And how so many are still affected TODAY by their great grandparents, grandparents, and parents passed down prejudices.

I'm knitting again- a hat for me.

I baked cookies yesterday. Then as they sat on the counter beckoning to me I remembered one of the reasons I don't do that very often. The kids woke up this morning in a hurry to see if the cookies were still there or if daddy at them all. Then they asked for cookies for breakfast. I said no. Ice cream for dinner, yes, but cookies for breakfast? I think not.

We started our new science curriculum yesterday. LOVE it! I have to say that I have not really truly enjoyed teaching science up until this point, but I think the Apologia "Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology" is changing that!

I am not enjoying teaching grammar. Maybe I'll quit.

Yesterday my newly retired father in law came over to mow the lawn. Mom came along and baked banana bread with the non nappers while the 2 oldest and I did science. Yay for a teacher's aid and lawn maintenance crew!

I need to buy a new pillow. Again. I wake up with a sore neck every morning. Last time I bought a new pillow my neck started feeling better. That was about a month ago. I guess maybe I need to spend more than $5 on a pillow.

And that's all for today's boring post. Maybe I'll try to post some pictures soon since I haven't done that for awhile.

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Mandie M. said...

I love reading about your life, Rachel :). As for the neck pain, I paid $20 for a generic Tempurpedic pillow and it seriously changed my life!! Maybe that would help?