Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Toned Down Schedule

Now that I'm trying to relax things a bit, here's what our day looks like-

5:30 I get up, shower, have devotions, start the bread, start the laundry

7 Kids get up, dress, breakfast, chores, play if they have time before...

9 We have circle time- devotions, various books of my choosing (right now it's Stories of Missionary Heroism)- they color while I read

9:30 Review for Classical Conversations- memory work, map tracing, copywork, recitations (varies each day)

10:30 Peter and Kate take turns doing math (on the computer) and piano
Others do Explode the Code books, handwriting practice, phonics flashcards,
and math

11:30 Break- eat lunch, do chores, play outside

1:00 ish- Story hour- we are listening to Little House on the Prairie right now (I knit and drink tea, they draw, we all listen)

2:00 History or Science depending on the day (each 2 days per week)- Charlotte takes a nap, Maddie, Teshome, and Ella listen and do activity and coloring pages that correspond with the material)

3:00 Shurley Grammar everyday

3:30 Latin (Peter and Kate only) -dvd on Wednesdays and review exercises other days

4:30 hopefully by now everyone is done and enjoying some free play or reading time!

I also do reading with Maddie either in the morning or in the evening when Pete is home (depending on the day and her mood).

I am trying to accomplish all of my laundry/meal prep/other things when it's not "school hours" but that is really tricky! By the end of the day, there are many things left undone and the house is not kept up the way I'd like, but I just don't thing it's my season in life for a clean house.

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rsctt said...

Sounds good, and working for you!