Thursday, December 6, 2007

more snow, rosy cheeks, and the snow pants debate

working hard to earn some hot chocolate!

abandoned "snow blower"

her cheeks match her shirt!

There is a little debate going on here. One of the adults in this house thinks we should invest in some good snow pants in a gender neutral color on the premise that every child in our family will be able to wear them and we will spend less money- and less time shopping- in the long run. One of the adults in this house thinks we should contintue buying the cheap clearance/ garage sale snow pants and as they continue to rip, buckles break, etc we just buy more of said cheap snow pants so as to not have to drop a huge load of money all at once. What do you think? And what is your experience with both types of snow pants? Perhaps some input from friends can settle this little debate and we can get on with playing in the snow!


Janet said...

I buy the kind that are gender neutral, usually, and good. They usually last at least two kids. Lately, I have bought "girly" pants for Sarah becuase I figure that I'm going to have three daughters going through them.....

The Rykens said...

We buy black snow pants. We started when Justin was little and had to buy new ones this year for Jesica and Ashly. We've maybe replaced 1 or 2 pairs in the last 14 years. We always buy them on sale also!

We do the smae thing with black gloves. They don't last as long as the snow pants, but we are able to get several years use out of them.

In general I have found that if i am going to pass something down to the younger children, it is better to spend money then buy at a garage sale. This has really paid off for us in the long run. I took out all our baby clothes for #7 and we don't need anything 0-3 months for her except diapers. We also didn't have to buy Josiah, Cara, or Mathias any clothes this winter (I did make Cara 2 new dresses, just so we'd have something new to look at!)

Hope to see you in a few weeks,