Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Making Christmas last just a little longer

One of the traditions we started a couple of years ago is to make pizzas together for our little family Christmas celebration at home. The kids enjoy helping and we try to be calm and patient as they cut the toppings, spread the sauce and add the cheese!

Ella is our "growly little bear" so we gave her a teddy bear for Christmas. She makes this hilarious growling sound- usually when she's happy or when she'a concentrating really hard on something.

For our Christmas celebration at Papa and Nana's (Pete's parents), Nana had the kids act out the Christmas story as she read it. Kate was very reluctant to participate! She really just wanted to stay there on the couch by Auntie Laurie.

Opening presents

Somehow in the midst of it all Papa managed to take a nap!


Janet said...

Why is it that Grandpas can sleep through practically ANYTHING? They can fall asleep right on the couch, amidst all the chaos!

Love the pics!

Laurene said...

Papa & UNCLE Larry slept...must be a Larry thing.