Monday, May 4, 2009

a camp in, a stuck baby, and a video

Last Friday Pete and the cadets went on a camp-out so the kids and I had a "camp-in." Well, I slept in my bed, but the 3 oldest slept in sleeping bags on the floor.

Charlotte continues to be a joy to us. She has such a sweet and laid back personality ( I know that can change because Maddie was the same way and now she's FULL of personality). Still, I will enjoy and appreciate Charlotte's go with the flow attitude and love the fact that she LOVES her naps and her bedtime. She's starting to move around- mostly backwards. She scoots and slides until she gets stuck under a chair. Then she just watches everyone play. When they all leave the room she complains a little so I slide her forward to play with some toys. Then she slides backwards and we do it all over again.

She still likes the bumbo so she can see what's going on, but it makes me a little nervous because she bucks like she's trying to jump out and she's so tiny I think she could do it!

I realized recently that I have several videos of Ella and haven't really done any of the other kids. So here goes-

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