Thursday, July 8, 2010

Charlotte Jean

I find myself using this little girls full name a lot. And not just because it's such a pretty name. She just happens to be a very busy little almost two year old who knows what she wants. And that isn't always what her mama wants. Thus the need to call her by her first AND middle (and sometimes last) names. We have never had such a strong willed child, and yet I know her behavior is mild compared to many children. Sometimes it's hard not to laugh at her, but we have to hold it in! Yesterday afternoon I suddenly heard her slamming around in the kitchen saying "bar! bar!" and before I even knew what was happening she had ripped a Nutri-grain cereal bar open and had half of it in her mouth. I guess dinner wasn't ready soon enough for her. Then after supper when I gave her a bath she was really mad when I got her out and started drying her off. I turned my back for half a second and she DOVE back into the tub. She is such a fun and wild little girl. She LOVES to play outside and be dirty. She loves almost anything we feed her. Most of all she loves her big brother and her big sisters. We are so blessed to have our sweet and spunky Charlotte Jean!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT name... and SO cute!