Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun in June

(Well, due to a problem cursor, these pictures are not going to be in order- and neither will my post. oh, well- here's June)

It's hard to believe June is over already. Didn't I say we were starting school again in July? Well, that's going to wait until Pete and I get back from Miami.

{Yes, my love and I are going on a trip ALONE!! The 15th of July is our TENTH anniversary and we decided to celebrate by going away for a few days! }

Let's see, what did we do all month?? Well, we celebrated Kate's SEVENTH birthday. How can my sweet girl be so old? Pete and I took her out for dinner at Red Robin and then mini golfing which was HILARIOUS!! She had a great time and we enjoyed spending a few hours with just our Kate!

We also went camping for a few days in June up in Michigan. We had a great time riding bikes, going to the beach, and eating smores. It's so much work to tent camp, but it is also great family time!

Last week the kids and I went to the Indianapolis Zoo with Pete's mom. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the animals put on a great show for us! The highlight for me was the opportunity to pet a shark! Ella surprised me by being the most willing to do it. Peter, Kate, and Maddie kind of wanted to and kept putting their hands in the water, but chickened out when the Dog Sharks got close. I think Charlotte would have jumped in for a swim with the sharks if she could have. She's a wild one!

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