Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Off

Yesterday I found out that the church where we meet for Classical Conversations had cancelled all activities at the church for yesterday and today. I am so happy that we get to stay home again! I haven't left the house since Monday and it has been wonderful. I know, to some of you that sounds terribly boring, but I'm okay with that. This is my realm and I'm content here. Being home for several days in a row usually means I'm well rested, the house is in order (sort of), the laundry is managed (notice, I didn't say "caught up"), and we've had quality time together. This week we've watched a blizzard from the warm confines of our living room and not had to worry about missing anything bcause we had no major plans.
The kids are so excited that I declared today "Reading and Crafting Day." They have some boxes they are eager to turn into cars or airplanes or something. We're flying through a good book together that we just might get to finish today. I'm sure I'll see Kate lounging in bed reading for hours. I plan to get some serious knitting done. It will be a great break from our regular routine.
Then tomorrow we need to get some house cleaning done since last Saturday we didn't do our usual chores. And there are some suitcases that need to be packed for a big trip coming up.
The yarn is calling.....

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