Thursday, February 3, 2011

Much to be learned from a clingy child

I have a little girl who loves to lean on her mama. She does best when her day starts with a sit on the couch next to me thumb sucking session. I don't have to talk to her- it may be that she's come down the stairs a little before the "kids are allowed up" time of 7 am and found me starting my day leaning on the Lord. She sits by me while I read my Bible, all cuddled up close. After a few minutes she's ready to find some breakfast and get to her chores and playtime. The kitchen is a wild and loud place at 7:30, everyone vying for the toaster, juice spills, cereal basket with choices spilling out left on the floor and they're off. Except that one sweet and tender one who is a very slow eater. As she finishes, I make my own breakfast and sit down. And she comes over to lean on me again. Throughout the day she'll stop what she's doing and come and put her head on my lap while I sit teaching an older sibling. She'll come stand by me as I wash dishes and put her little head against my leg. When we sit down to draw and read, she'll wind intricate roads on paper and fill in with color- for awhile- then take a break from her absract designs to come sit by me for some leaning time. If I'm too busy running around she will actually cry, "I just want to lean on you!" And so I find some space to sit and keep her by me and stroke her blonde head until she's ready to go again. I've come to realize this is her love language, her way of feeling secure. And it's special because she doesn't ask to lean on anyone else. She'll take daddy if I'm not around. And I'm pretty sure grandma will be a good leaning spot when mommy is away, but she just really wants her mama. And I'm okay with that. And I'm learning from her. It's not enough to put in a little leaning on the Lord time in the morning. I need it all day. Him all day. I need to just drop what I'm doing- like she drops her colored pencils, books, toys- and go sit beside my Father. His Word is life and sustenance to my soul. I need it all day long.
Lord, help me to stop what I'm doing throughout the day and come back to the source of all comfort. Like my child clings to me, may I cling to You, long for You, need You!

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