Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keeping It Simple

Now is the time to prepare for our big trip. Now is the time to simplify other things so that we can enjoy the anticipation of traveling to meet our son. And so we can enjoy the time with our precious children before we leave them for nearly a week. We are keeping school really simple for the next couple of weeks. We are concentrating on our memory work, speeches, and paper writing for Classical Conversations. Also, I decided to take a break from Saxon math for a little while here because Peter was getting discouraged and needed more help than I can give him at this point. So for 2-3 weeks Peter and Kate are doing some fun, colorful math workbooks that I got awhile back at Sam's Club. I think this will help to build their confidence as they are pretty much reviewing things they already know. The other thing we're spending extra time on is our reading aloud. We finished The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe a few days ago and are several chapters into The Horse and His Boy. I just love our read aloud times as the children find a spot on the floor to draw while they listen. Usually Ella will take a break from her drawing to come cuddle with me. Then back to drawing she goes. Our scaling back on things will also allow the children to continue "doing school" even while I'm gone. Peter is staying with friends who also attend CC so he will be able to do that with them, as well as the math and other assignments I send along. And my mom will have a list of things to go over with Kate each day. Mainly I think the girls are going to enjoy lots of crafting with grandma, having their hair done in "princess braids," and reading stories. I'm so thankful that we have people in our lives that we can trust to lovingly care for our babies while we are away!

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