Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peaceful Rest

Pete's Grandma Fennema entered into peaceful rest with her Saviour today after living on this earth for 91 years. I just had to share this news with Pete over the phone and he is hurting right now and I feel so helpless. It almost feels like a daydream, all hazy and strange and unreal. But it is real. And I am unable to comfort my husband in his pain.

We are so blessed that Peter, Kate, Maddie, Ella, and Charlotte were able to know her- some better than others, of course. But there is great sadness for Pete that the son that he has quickly grown to love over the last several days will never know this great grandma.

Please keep Pete in your prayers as he deals with this grief alone right now. And please also pray for our new son that he will understand what is going on and not be worried or insecure as he sees daddy grieving.

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