Monday, August 22, 2011

Here we are...

...ready to start another week. A few more sips of coffee for me and it will be time to start. Thirty minutes "late" but that's okay- it is Monday after all. This is a moment I'd really like to just say go ahead and keep playing. Then I could curl up with the stack of neglected books. Or practice my guitar. But I won't. There's work to be done here. Minds to inspire. I got up earlier today- 5 instead of 5:30. Pete and I are going to start working out- me to the basement on my treadmill and him to the YMCA. There comes a time to stop talking about how nice it would be to have time to exercise and just START even when you don't FEEL like it! And so we'll attempt to get into a routine of working out while it's still bright in the morning. Hopefully by the time the dreary and dark days of winter come we'll be so used to it that it won't feel like drudgery, but will rather enable us to feel invigorated all the way till the sun shines again.

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